About Us

We are a new, passionate, goal-oriented and dynamic consulting company. Our team consists of experienced experts from trade, industry and economy. We help companies grow their business and innovate or expand their portfolio, providing consulting services in related areas such as the search of products for in-licensing and distribution and offering all necessary marketing services to healthcare related start-up companies or small and medium-sized pharma companies. Turkey, with more than 80 million inhabitants, is in 16th place (6th place in Europe) with a sales volume of 6.31 billion dollars and can look back with satisfaction on the year 2016..
We help pharmaceutical companies connect with Turkish partners, distributors, pharmacy chains or other related businesses established in Turkey who are looking for licensing and/or distributing prescription, OTC, herbal products, homeopathy or nutritional supplements. We assist you in making sure that the new products to be introduced in the Turkish market always have a differentiating factor from those already in the market and not a me-too: be it a new formula, less frequency of dosing, different registration, the innovative way the product is administered (solid oral form, injectable, syrup, creme etc.), a better flavor, nicer design or higher quality.